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Licensed pharmaceutical warehouse in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Storage of medicines and reference medicinal product
Multi-temperature storage with humidity control
Modern equipment 2021, isolated zones
Installments, installment payment, volume discounts
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About warehouse

It is situated inside a warehouse complex
(2nd floor, passenger and cargo lifts)
Total area - 237 m²
Licensed to store medicines and dietary supplements, medical products and vaccines registered and marketed in Russia
Detailed mapping of temperature & humidity, GMP validation
Storage at temperature regimes:
+2...+8°C, +8...+15°C, +15...+25°C
Transportation of medicines
Compliance with GMP, GDP, FDA, EMA requirements
Quality management system
Experienced and highly qualified staff
Digital plenum-and-exhaust ventilation system, digital temperature and humidity monitoring system
Central power supply, water supply, heating, sewerage
Back-up electricity supply
Protection from infrared and ultraviolet radiation
Polymeric self-leveling floors, washable walls
LED lighting
Zoning of premises and access control
Fire alarm
Security alarm system, protected area

Licensed activities:

wholesale trade of registered medicines for medical use;
transportation of registered medicines for medical use;
storage of registered medicines for medical use.
Registration license: № ФС-99-02-008436, License Grant Date: 11 NOV 2021.
Compliance with GMP, GDP, FDA, EMA requirements.
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Why Lenpharma

Included in the rating of sustainable developing enterprises of the highest reliability category
10 years of experience on pharmaceutical market
Meet different customer profile needs: CRO, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, etc.
Quality management system and qualified staff
Full service portfolio, including customs clearance, delivery, storage and licensed destruction
Multi-temperature cargo storage: +2...+8°C, +8...+15°C, +15...+25°C


Responsible storage / Safekeeping services
Processing of incoming cargo for storage: unloading and shipment 24/7, acceptance of goods, inspection of goods, inventory, packing of boxes and packages, attachment of documents, labeling, placement at storage locations, provision of a thermocontainer.
Document management
Preparation of a package of documents during acceptance and shipment of goods. Registration of actual compliance with the documents by the number of names. Inventory, information about balances.
Transport logistics
Complex logistics services, organization of cargo transportation.
Licensed destruction
Services of licensed destruction of destruction of medicines and materials.
Import, export of products
Support in obtaining import and export licenses, support of import and export procedures, customs clearance, appeal to regulatory authorities.
Wholesale trade
Organization of procurement and supply of medicines for medical use to medical institutions, pharmacy organizations, research institutes and contract research organizations for research and clinical trials, other wholesale organizations.


  • Entrance zone. There are metal cabinets for outerwear and working clothes, cleaning equipment, detergents and disinfectants. It is equipped with a hygienic area with a washbasin and the ability to clean the packaging of goods (washing pallets).
  • Reception room, reception quarantine zone. It has separate exits to the main storage room and the entrance area. It has a sampling zone, a fenced-in reception quarantine zone, in which biomedical refrigerators are installed for the storage of thermolabile drugs for the regimes + 2-8 ° C, - + 8-15 ° C. It has adjustable metal racks, metal work tables.
  • Premises for special storage conditions. They are designed for storing light-sensitive, flammable preparations.
    There are installed adjustable metal racks, metal cabinets.
  • Refrigerating chambers. Refrigerating chambers are designed for storing drugs that require protection from high temperatures. Refrigeration units have 100% redundancy (2 units for each chamber). They are equipped with metal tables, shelves. Refrigerating chamber №1 temperature regime + 8-15 ° C volume 21 m³. Refrigerating chamber №2 temperature regime +2-8 °C
объем 21 m³.
  • Technical room. The room contains ventilation equipment, refrigeration units, an uninterruptible power supply system.
  • Main storage quarantine zone. It is designed for storing expired, unusable, counterfeit, falsified medicines.
    It has installed adjustable metal racks, plastic pallets.
  • Expedition area. It is equipped with adjustable metal shelving, metal work table, plastic pallets. There are thermal containers, ice packs and autonomous loggers. A freezer was installed for the preparation of ice packs.
There is equipment for loading and unloading operations (weighbridge and demontable trolley).
  • Office. There is a comfortable, fully equipped office. Windows provide the possibility of constant visual control of most rooms and areas. It is equipped with a recreation and eating area.
  • Basic storage. There are adjustable metal racks, plastic pallets. It is equipped with a marking area– a metal work table, a thermal label printer, barcode scanners are installed. Includes fenced areas of main storage quarantine and expeditions.
  • Sanitary and hygienic conditions. All premises are equipped with high-quality self-leveling polymer floors. The walls are painted with washable paint. The windows are covered with a protective film that reflects ultraviolet and infrared radiation. There are installed LED lamps with frosted shades.
  • Sanitary and hygienic conditions. Complex cleaning is regularly carried out at the warehouse, disinfection, disinfestation and deratization are carried out as well. Humane rodent traps and insecticidal devices have been installed. There is a first aid kit.
  • Safety. A fireproof, burglar-proof door has been installed. The warehouse is equipped with a fire alarm system with smoke detectors, an alarm button, a siren, and exit indicators. An evacuation plan is available in an accessible place. There are fire extinguishers in every room. Warehouse security is carried out by the private security company "SOTA". A security alarm has been installed, in case of activation of which an armed group will leave for the object.
  • Plenum-and-exhaust ventilation system. An energy-efficient plenum-and-exhaust ventilation system with digital control, with recuperation, air conditioning, humidification, filtration and heating of the incoming air ensures that the temperature and humidity conditions and the frequency of air exchange in all premises of the warehouse meet the standards.
  • Plenum-and-exhaust ventilation system. The system automatically maintains the set temperature and humidity conditions. The ventilation ducts are equipped with inspection hatches for regular cleaning and disinfection. Project development, installation and regular maintenance of the system are carried out by one contractor.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring system. Detailed temperature mapping of the premises was carried out: within 72 hours, dozens of sensors collected temperature and humidity readings, which made it possible to prepare a temperature map of the room and determine the installation points of stationary sensors. The system "Gigrotermon" was installed, consisting of 14 temperature sensors, temperature and humidity (in total 21 points of measurement) of the readings control cabinet, operator's workstation.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring system. Readings are collected every 10 minutes. Measurement logs are automatically generated, information is available in the form of tables, graphs and diagrams. The system informs about accidents using light and sound alarms, SMS, e-mail. The system is completely fault-tolerant, remains operational in case of failure of individual elements.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring system. The system is validated in accordance with GDP, GMP, complies with the requirements of Order No. 646. In addition to the digital system, instruments for recording temperature and humidity parameters, verified in the established manner by the metrological control bodies, were installed: VIT-1 hygrometers, thermometers. Logs of temperature and humidity readings are kept.
  • Power supply redundancy system. Power is supplied from two independent sources with automatic switching between them. In the absence of external power supply, a battery-powered UPS is automatically connected to ensure the operation of critical systems (servers, temperature and humidity monitoring systems, burglar and fire alarms, lighting, PCs at workplaces) for at least 24 hours. In the event of prolonged accidents, the power supply is provided by a diesel generator. Power supply interruptions are notified via SMS.

План помещений

1. Entrance zone
2. Reception room
3. Reception quarantine zone
4. Premises for special storage conditions
5. Premises for special storage conditions
6. Refrigerating chamber +8-15 °C
7. Refrigerating chamber +2-8 °C
8. Technical room
9. Quarantine zone of main storage
10. Expedition area
11. Office
12. Basic storage
The total area of the premises of the licensed warehouse is 237 m².
The premises are isolated lockable rooms.
The areas are enclosed with a metal fence with lockable gates.
Detailed temperature and humidity mapping, validated in accordance with GMP.

Quality management system

Standard operating procedures have been developed for all aspects of warehouse operations. The staff undergoes regular training. Equipment and systems are provided with technical documentation, tested (documented by protocols), critical systems undergo a full cycle of validation in accordance with GMP (DQ, IQ, OQ,PQ).
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